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Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilding

Hydraulic cylinder rebuilding requires a series of procedures

At Coast Industrial, we implement these procedures on every job to ensure that the job meets or exceeds O.E.M. standards.
With over 50 years of experience in the industry, you can be assured of quality workmanship and a job that provides long service life.
A complete report of damage, the work to be done and quoted cost are provided for your approval.
Quality service and attention to detail have made us #1 in this industry


Looking for hydraulic cylinder rebuilding

Our ultra modern equipment and expertise means faster production times for you and that saves you money.

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Dismantle & evaluation
1. Dismantle & evaluation

After dismantling the
cylinder, a thorough check
for contamination, scoring
and denting is done.

2. Inspection

An inspection is done to
identify any obvious cause
of failure.


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Cylinder rod inspection
3. Cylinder rod inspection

Rod straightness and
chrome condition is checked .
The rod is then straightened,
polished or re-chromed as
required in order to restore it
to factory specifications

Checking of cylinder tube tolerences
4. Checking of cylinder tube tolerences

The cylinder tube is checked full length, front to back to identify irregularities or bulges.

Piston grooves checked
5 a. Piston grooves checked

Piston grooves checked


Head grooves and head O.D. checked
5b. Checking of cylinder tube tolerances

Head grooves and head
O.D. checked


Assembly and test
6. Assembly and test of components

• Assembly of cylinder components
• Thorough pressure test
• Application of primer and top coat


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Full documentation of work performed
7. Full documentation of work performed

As part of quality control every internal component of the cylinder is measured and documented on each work order.
A.W.O. number is stamped on the cylinder, giving us reference to look up if a future re-build is required.