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1975 Balsam Road, Nanaimo, BC | Phone Us 1-250-753-5155

Exchange Cylinder Program

We are the only supplier (other than dealers) of exchange cylinders for log loaders, excavators, etc. in British Columbia.

Some of our regular customers include Western Forest Products, Lemare Lake Logging Great West Equipment, V.I. Equipment and Wajax.

Because of our cylinder exchange program…

Due to the steel shortages, prices have increased 70-80% in the past year. Because of our cylinder exchange program, we order steel in larger quantities which saves us money and allows us to pass these savings onto our customers. We also have on-site chroming. Regular repair shops often rerod cylinders which saves time but increases cost to the customer rather then send jobs out for rechroming. Our shop rates start at $85 per hour but in order to keep these rates low, we count on customer support. We only charge cost of repair with cylinder brought back to OEM spec, plus a small user fee.

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