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About Coast Industrial Machining Ltd.

I would like to introduce our company to you. We have specialized in repairing hydraulic cylinders since 1984.

We pride ourselves in constantly updating our quality and services by continually adding the latest leading-edge tools and capabilities.

We are the only supplier (other than dealers) of exchange cylinders for log loaders, excavators, etc. in British Columbia. Some of our regular customers include Western Forest Products, Lemare Lake Logging Great West Equipment, V.I. Equipment and Wajax.

We provide Machining, Hydraulic Cylinder Repair, Hydraulic Cylinder Exchange Program and Industrial Hard chrome.

If you would like more information, please contact Bruce at 1-250-753-5155 or (250) 758-6724

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Rapidly becoming the go-to Machining Solution Provider.

We offer a fully equipped machine shop with the knowledge and modern equipment required for quick turn around times and reduced maintenance costs.
We offer a wide range of services with our “As good as new” approach. get a quote now..